Organic Mattresses

Our Dunlop Latex is 100% natural from Sri Lanka a FAIR TRADE country and is sustainable using reforestation.

Our Talalay Latex is 97% Natural from Latex International, Inc.

Our Organic Cotton from Peru and India carries the GOTS (Global Organic Trade Standards) organic certification (formerly SKAL) and Fair Trade Symbols. We support the Organic sheep farmers of North America and use US domesticated Certified Organic Wool whenever possible.We offer no substitutes for the quality of materials that comprise our bedding.

Proper Spine Alignment without pressure points
More and more Chiropractors, Orthopedists, and others in the medical profession are advocating natural latex for waking up pain free.

Third Stage” of Sleep
Therapists and Sleep Disorder Clinics alike have found that “natural” nightly sleep has been greatly improved with non-chemical breathing and total body relaxation.

It has also been noted that children with ADHD have shown tremendous improvement in focusing with better over-all attitudes through “chemical free” deeper sleeping patterns.

Allergy Sufferers:
With the removal of the dust mite and chemical problems, added to being mold and mildew resistant, Allergists find a vast majority of their patients discomforts alleviated during sleeping hours with organic and natural bedding.

MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities):
Many who suffer from MCS have made greater strides in their over all well being and sleeping with the use of organic and natural products

Why Organic Wool?
Wool is a little piece of luxury in today’s hectic and demanding lifestyle. Surround yourself with the feel of this wonderfully soft natural fiber. With its fine texture for softness and abundance of natural attributes, wool is a living, breathing fiber with natural stretch and elasticity, composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin; it works in total harmony with your body’s own protection mechanisms

Outstanding performance properties and luxury make it the perfect choice for every area of your life. It is found in any luxurious mattress and is imperative to your health when sleeping. Wool’s natural, crimp-like spring has natural recovery and maintains a loft in your mattress for years to come. Each fiber is resilient thanks to its complex internal structure, giving resistance and durability. Pure Wool is a biodegradable fiber with natural lanolin, raised without herbicides

Why Organic Cotton?

Did you know that the most perilous pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are used to grow and produce conventional cotton? Pesticides never wash out and fabrics off-gas toxins. Have you ever felt your closet had a slightly strange smell but you never knew why? Cotton!

Doesn’t it just make good sense to choose Organic for our sleeping environment, where we spend 1/3 of our lives and our lungs and skin breathe their deepest?? Organic Cotton is grown in soil without the use of any toxic chemicals and it is not exposed to any chemicals after the growth process.